House in Slovakia
Hallway before restoration
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For no very good reason we bought in 2004 a mediaeval house in the ancient east Slovakian town of Levoca, near where my wife Nadia was brought up in the 1960s.

Built on extensive cellars which date back to at least the 16th century and probably much earlier, the house has a vaulted hallway on the ground floor;  the upper floor is probably largely 18th century and the roof (when we acquired the house) was a metal monstrosity of the mid-20th century. During the centuries the house was constantly adapted and tinkered with; on at least two occasions it burnt down (once, in the 18th century, with the owner still inside). Layers of plaster obscured many of the orginal details. Our intention was to try to restore many of the original features.

As the accumulation of the centuries was gradually swept away many other features were revealed: an Ionic column embedded between  two ground floor windows; an exterior window hidden in what is now an inner wall; arches and doorways; a carved shiled on a lintel; even remains of 17th or 18th century painting on a ceiling. The first priority was to replace the original tiled roof. We have an old photograph, probably from the first half of the twentieth century, which shows now-vanished plasterwork on the facade - the replacement and repainting of the outside plaster, together with new stucco work, followed. A selection of photographs of the interior and exterior, during and after restoration, and of views from the house, can be seen here.
The Ionic column
Brick vaulting
New roof under construction

Inside outside window
New roof in situ

Old photo
Planned facade